Good News If You’re Laid Off: Job Market Improving

Photo: Thinkstock / The Nest

Sometimes it's hard to cover all the bills, even with two paychecks coming in. If you or your partner has lost a job within the last year, staying on top of your finances has undoubtedly been tougher than ever before.

But, according to a new report by Naroff Economic Advisors, financial hardships for many couples could begin to let up as the economy slowly picks up and the job market gains steam in the coming months.

In fact, some workers are already getting a boost: Analysts say that the number of most discouraged workers–those who have stopped looking for a job because they don't believe there's employment out there for them–had decreased to 14.5 percent in October, a slight improvement over September.

“We're seeing all of the detailed measures of frustration disappearing, and that's really key," said Joel Naroff, an economist with Naroff Economic Advisors.

Are you or your partner out of work right now? If so, are you seeing an improvement in job prospects yet?

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