Help! Should We Paint Our Future Nursery Dark Gray?

We're debating the color that we should paint the guest bedroom in our new house. We originally planned on a dark gray, but now I'm leaning towards a mellow orange because I'm afraid a dark color might make the room appear smaller. Frank says orange is ugly, and I'd normally agree. However, I think if done correctly, orange can brighten up the room. But will we end up regretting it? We're torn!

Here are challenges:

  • In the future, this room will be converted into a nursery. We don't want to have to paint it twice so the color we choose for now will be the nursery color.
  • The bedroom is located directly off the living room, which is going to be painted a light gray and we want some variation.
  • But we love the look of a dark gray nursery with pops of bright colors, like in this photo:

Photo credit: Chic Cheap Nursery

  • We already purchased this bedding:

We love the color combo of a teal bedspread, gray/ivory throw pillows, a bright orange accent pillow and gray floor-length curtains for the room (not pictured). The walls will be adorned with teal art in white frames and a vintage gold frame will be hung as a headboard above the bed.

Here's the space we're working with, pictured from two different angles:

We know, the wallpaper has got to go!

So what do you think?

Will dark gray close in the space?

Is orange ick? (We have Sherwin-Williams' “Stirring Orange" in mind).

Should we veto both and go for a light teal? Post your opinions and help us decorate our new digs!