8 Apps That Do the Dirty Work for You

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These apps will make your day more awesome.

Feeling like there aren't enough hours in the day to take care of that laundry list of daily duties, and keep your home clean and organized? We're right there with you. Check out these indispensable apps to get your home in the best shape ever and keep you sane.


Save those precious minutes and hours (and basically days) of your life by letting TaskRabbit's fully vetted “taskers" do the dirty work for you for everything from running errands to household chores, big and small. This app connects you with the best specialized service that's local. How does it work? Simply post a task and you'll instantly see hourly rates for your area's most qualified workers. Bonus: All payments are handled online after a task is completed, so there's no need to run out for cash, or haggle prices.


A perfectly set up laundry room at home is a luxury that some of us don't have (we're looking at you, city dwellers), but that doesn't mean you have to haul laundry to the local Laundromat and sit there for hours. That's why FlyCleaners get's our approval. You get to set the best pick-up and return time for you, and they take care of the rest, including overnight wash-and-fold, dry cleaning, an eco-friendly option and a selection of detergents. For extra peace of mind, you can receive notifications every step of the way and track your order history, so you can easily recall prices and garments cleaned.


If you need help assembling a piece of furniture, moving or even a tricky plumbing task, Handy.com is here for you. Perfect for procrastinators and people who are just plain busy, services can be booked online for as quickly as the very next day. What's more, Handy.com promises the best background-checked professionals in your area, and a 100 percent money-back guarantee if you don't love the job completed.


This family-friendly app organizes everybody's schedule in one place, so you can finally all be on the same page. Create shopping and grocery lists, meal plans and to dos that you can email to your partner, and then track what needs to get done and when. Anyone in the family can also access the shared calendar, receive reminders and see lists from any device. So the next time he says he's off to grab a last-minute drink with his buddies, he won't have the excuse that he didn't know you'd already organized a double date instead.


Get rid of all those tiny scraps of paper, scribbled-down lists and erase-board reminders with this app that declutters and organizes everything into one ultimate home binder. Scan and upload your notes, checklists, web articles, photos and even turn your collection of business cards into digital contacts. Track your expenses by consolidating your bills, receipts and invoices, and even communicate with your team by sharing notes and agendas. A truly modern “work space" that syncs all of your devices, this app allows you to stay productive and work from anywhere.


When it comes to managing your chores, HomeRoutines is an essential app. Tasks are broken down by days of the week, then each day is further organized into morning and evening chores. A feature called "Focus Zones" even assigns specific rooms of your house to scheduled days for cleaning. Just create lists of jobs, called “routines," that need to be done around the same time, or on the same day, and a reminder pops up before each task. For extra motivation, the app will reward you with a gold star when you complete a chore. You'll feel more organized knowing your daily to-do list, and the app shows you how much you've actually gotten done—even on those crazy-busy days when you're feeling especially overwhelmed.

Pantry Manager

How often do you waste money at the grocery store on something like baking powder or vinegar when it's already sitting in your pantry? Or forget to buy milk when you're shopping, thinking that the gallon in your fridge is good for another week when in fact it expired days ago? With Pantry Manager, you'll eliminate food waste and spend less, thanks to features like an expiration date reminder and a shopping list that automatically syncs with what's actually in your fridge. The app also offers a huge database of items that users can search, and even a barcode scanner to add a specific product to your shopping list instantly.


Say good-bye to late fees or money lost to forgotten subscriptions. This handy app lets you manage your bills efficiently and sends reminders when everything is due. It also helps you keep track of your finances, since all of your accounts are available at a glance and you can input your income and other monthly expenses to make sure you're staying on budget. Plus, when bills are due, you save time (and confusion) by only logging into one app to make all your payments.