High-Tech Thanksgiving Turkey-Roasting Help: Will You Use It?

Photo: Photo Credit: Butterball

Confession: I've never roasted a turkey, even for Thanksgiving dinner. My grandmother has always done the honors. She roasted her first turkey when she was 19, and she's insisted on preparing the Thanksgiving bird ever since. But even though she's a turkey-roasting pro, my grandma will tell you that preparing the perfect bird is her greatest challenge every year. There's a lot to consider, after all: How to prep the turkey before roasting? What time should it go in the oven, and for how long? Stuffing in or out?

This year Butterball will launch a new smartphone app called Butterball Cookbook Plus to go along with the Turkey Talk hotline that it launched in 1981. The $4.99 app will offer how-to videos, a menu-planner checklist, and roasting tips, according to a report on the Today Show this morning. Additionally, the company will also host live Facebook chats and offer Pinterest posts to help home cooks perfect their turkey.

I personally love the idea. I'm a visual learner, so the videos are the biggest selling point for me. I'm also a big fan of being able to get the help right when you need it without having to sit on hold. Would you download (and pay for) this app?

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