10 Unconventional Holiday Decorating Ideas from Designer Jarret Yoshida

gold pinecones
Photo: Etsy / Westerwisp
The interior designer shares his picks creating for a chic holiday look in your home.

Is choosing how you want to decorate for the holidays stressing you out? Take a deep breath - celebrity interior designer Jarret Yoshida has some ideas you'll love. Be it DIY crafts, creative new ways to decorate with things you already own, or must-have stylish pieces, these ideas are sure to inspire you. "Holiday decor shopping can leave all of us in a rut. Run of the mill nutcrackers and reindeers flood the marketplace and we just can't decide what's the perfect pick," he says. "Our staff here at Jarret Yoshida Inc. have picked out some great selections, DIY and not, new and old, that will make for a happy (and chic) holiday environment!" Take a look at their picks below!

1. You have collected ornaments over the years and can't put them all on your tree. Take some of your favorite ornaments and put them in a bowl for a new holiday centerpiece.

2. Grab some pinecones and 'gild' in your favorite metallic color: silver, gold, or copper. It's easy and cheap to do. If you have kiddos, get them involved with you and create some quality DIY décor pieces!

3. Carefully place any of your small treasures in your tree for your oh-so-special Christmas tree. You can find some great ones at flea markets or online marketplaces such as Etsy.

4. Wrap your sofa cushion with a beautiful holiday throw to instantly put your living room in celebration mode (and protect your sofa from accidental stains). Some nice decorative pillows can cozy up the space as well.

5. Cut branches from your Christmas tree are candidates for arrangements throughout your house. Spread the greenery around. For a smaller spaces or even apartments, branches in vases can be an amazing holiday alternative to a tree.

6. We love these chic, handmade and ceramic Lladro ornaments! The asymmetric snowflake pattern updates one of the holiday season's iconic images for peace and love.

7. A golden candle light is perfect for holiday parties, but also an amazing object to be left out for the rest of the year as well. Sleek vintage candle holders like these truly add a visual layer of interest that you can't buy new.

8. This cheery oversized Gold Santa clocks in at 18" high and will accent a minimalist interior or pop against the color and pattern of an anime collector. Adds a touch of personality that is sure to catch the eye.

9. These beautiful nesting bowls, made in the US by ceramic collective HAAND, would be the centerpiece of any holiday party. After the holidays, they'll still be a beautiful tabletop accessory for contrast against any tabletop: wood, glass or lacquer.

10. For a Christmas gift fit to be given by one of the three kings, Christofle, one of France's hallmark manufacturers, makes an exquisite pierced reindeer ornament that will hold its own on any tree.