9 Home Products You Can’t Live Without

Nesties weigh in on the one houseware product they absolutely refuse to give up.

“Tech. It's the best stain-cleaning product ever, yet no one knows about it! Check it out, fellow Nesties!" -- Nikki F.

“I like the Clorox Toilet Wand. I learned about it from my roommate in college, and now I don't mind cleaning the bathroom." -- HadleyAlex P.

“Vinegar...it has so many cleaning uses!" -- Michelle R.

“‎409! It's practically glued to my left hand on the weekends!" -- Liz H.

“I love the plastic under-bed storage totes. I use them for bed linens because our bathroom lacks storage, and I use them to store the shoes we don't wear very often." -- MaineWifey

“Magic Eraser. It really is magical in the shower. You have to push hard and really scrub it though!" -- Kingston54

“I have a Shark vacuum, and I'm very happy with it! I used my first one for about eight years, and now I'm on my second one. I'd even buy another." -- finally:)

“I use Murphy Oil Soap on all my floors. It works wonders on wood floors as well as on other surfaces." -- Monisestablished2012

“Our king-size bed. I don't care if I only have a foot and a half of floor space on each side, my husband and I sleep so much better with a bigger bed." -- TheWop