Home Tour: Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell's Denver Home

Photo: Nicole Gerulat for Joss & Main
It transformed from a bachelor pad to a design haven.

First comes love and then comes the gorgeous home—at least that's the case for last season's The Bachelor stars Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins. With the help of Joss & Main's style director Donna Garlough, they transformed the Colorado bungalow into a space that reflects both of their styles and taste (though, Ben really let Lauren and Donna take the reins). "I wanted her to feel like this is home," he says.

They set out to create a space that felt like a total sanctuary: peaceful and calming, yet totally cozy. "I definitely love neutrals and I like mixing more modern pieces with rustic, second-hand finds. I feel like I kind of brought a piece of California with me to Ben's home in Denver," she says. They were inspired by a set of watercolors Lauren's friend painted and from there, she explored Joss & Main for great pieces. She had a tough time narrowing them down so the design team stepped in to help Lauren visualize how everything would look together and created mocks of her idea boards.

"Lauren's must-have item was a show-stopping beaded chandelier to hang over the dining table. The one we chose has a sort of weathered romance to it, but at the same time it has a clean overall shape. It was a great contrast to the more modern, slightly industrial black fixture we chose for the adjacent living room. In that space, we paired a crisp white sofa with a more weathered, slightly rustic chair, and brought in leather poufs for added seating and interest," Donna says.

The couple had to come to a few compromises to make the space work for two instead of one. Ben moved all of his clothes to the basement so she could have her closet space on the first floor and bought a window air conditioning unit to cool down the home during hot Denver summers. There were some trade-offs that proved more difficult, like replacing Ben's deer antlers above the fireplace with an antique cow skull Lauren bought, but they found a solution for that too: Ben is building an office in the garage to store all of his sentimental pieces that didn't have a place in the house, but still have one in his heart.

But when it comes to their favorite room they both agree: it's the living room with its bright windows, 100-year-old hardwood floors and beautiful furniture. "After seeing everything laid out, my favorites are the couch and the Chewbacca pillows. Can I add how cool the bar cart is too?" Ben says.

Lauren and Ben are really enjoying their time together–especially now that they live in the same space. "Part of why this project was so important to me, besides my passion for design, was to create a place that was both of ours. We're in the next chapter of our relationship—planning a wedding and building a home," Lauren says. "I think that's what we missed most about being on The Bachelor and then having to hide our engagement. We did some really amazing things on the show, but we missed the everyday things—grocery shopping, cooking, watching movies." Now Lauren and Ben can do exactly that—and in a gorgeous home they both can call their own.

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