An Airy Duplex in the West Village

West Village Home Makeover
Photo: Francesco Bertocci

When the designers of Lucy Harris Studio arrived at this West Village duplex, they were starting from scratch and given free reign to turn this streamlined space into a fresh, timeless place for their clients to call home. With no furnishings from the previous apartment to hold them back (the clients got rid of everything!), they started.

Duplex Makeover in the West Village

Given the task of keeping each room light and airy, the Harris team added depth to each room by using carefully placed pieces like this painting by Jen Wink Hays that hangs over the couch. “The art provides some more color," Harris says. "Splashes of citrus hues and vivid blue kept the white from washing out the brightly day-lit space."

The vibrant color and unique form of these porcelain vases by Michal Fargo stand out in the room, especially against the minimalist white coffee table.

Their orange and blue color story continues throughout the home with this open dining area, linking each room together. The Millee Tibbs piece that hangs at a focal point of the room draws the eye up and adds texture to an otherwise plain wall.

"We combined a modern white sectional with a 1950s Adrian Pearsall cocktail table in the living room and set it on a white goat hair rug from Alt for Living," Harris says.

The plush texture of the goat hair rug combined with the blue accent pillows keep the white-on-white combo from looking too sterile.

With a mix of stacked books, textured vases and sculptures, this bookshelf becomes an interesting display in a small corner of their living room.

Bright, natural light floods their kitchen, and against the marble, white and chrome finishings creates a modern yet homey space for them to prepare meals and eat together.

This sunny accent vase not only adds a burst of color, but an angular construction that makes for a fun statement piece. Tip: Look for small pieces with a lot of personality to make an impact in tight corners that tend to be overlooked.

Photos by Francesco Bertocci for Uprise Art // Design by Lucy Harris Studio