Real Couple Home Tour: Townhouse Tour

  1. Photo by Jen Morris

    Nestie Jenmorris lives in this chic townhouse with her husband, Grant, and their two adorable boys. Believe it or not, this house was built in 1892, and it's actually the third house Jen and her husband have bought in England (she's originally from South Africa)! Jen is a very creative decorator; so step inside and check out the rest of her stylish English abode!

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  2. Master Bedroom

    Photo by Jen Morris

    Jen describes the style of the master bedroom as "calm, clean, and uncluttered -- a bit of a boutique hotel look but with personal touches." In the autumn and winter, an orange blanket on the foot of the bed gives the room a cozy, warm color scheme.

    She created most of the artwork in the room herself and even made the headboard out of cabinet doors she from the office in the couple's last home. Love the G & J monogram above the bed? Get directions on her crafting blog to create one of your own!

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  3. Bathroom

    Photo by Jen Morris

    Jen says her biggest challenge when decorating the bathroom was that "the tiles weren't chosen by us, and maybe not what we would have selected, but luckily they are neutral enough that pretty much any decorating style would work with them."

    So how did she work with the beige tiles? She placed sepia-toned photographs of bathroom items in frames that she recycled (they used to be black, and she painted them brown). Even though it looks great as-is, Jen already has plans for the next makeover -- she wants to replace the sepia-toned photos with color ones and hang colorful towels to brighten up the room.

  4. Living Room

    Photo by Jen Morris
    This room was tough for Jen to decorate because "it's sandwiched between the kitchen and the studio, and it doesn't get much natural light." She also had to deal with the fact that the room felt more like a thoroughfare. To counteract this, she placed the longest sofa across from the fireplace which gives the space a cozy feeling and allows the traffic to pass behind, not through.

    Photos of Jen's sons "pulling funny faces" hang in the far corner. She typically enjoys candid photos more than formal, posed portraits, but she does like the portrait above the fireplace for one specific reason -- "It was AWFUL trying to get them to cooperate when taking the pictures! When I look at the picture, I feel a sense of triumph that I got the shot in the end."

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  5. Entryway

    Photo by Jen Morris
    How do you deal with a narrow, congested entryway? Jen recommends placing a bench away from the door. "It leads you to walk into the hall to sit down and remove shoes, bags, etc., theoretically solving the bottleneck problem." Of course, this is sometimes easier said than done. Now her children just sit on the floor to take off their shoes instead of using the bench!

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  6. Studio

    Photo by Jen Morris
    This was originally Jen's photography studio when she used to run a portrait photography business. Since space was tight, she had to "keep furnishings minimal, stylish, and uncluttered, but still incorporate enough storage and seating for clients."

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  7. Dining Area & Kitchen

    Photo by Jen Morris
    Jen's kitchen is full of "homey touches such as the food photographs that I took and the little crown molding shelf that displays various items throughout the year depending on the season and my mood."