Home Tour: Textiles Designer Katie Leede's Sophisticated SoHo Home

katie leede
Photo: Lesley Unruh // One King's Lane
The inviting and curated NYC apartment is just oozing with cozy style.

Katie Leede is known for her pattern-rich, globetrotting textile designs and interiors. So it's only fitting that her newly renovated SoHo apartment is full of patterns and colors from India, Japan, and Egypt, that pop up on pillows, chairs and curtains. She opened her home to One King's Lane recently and even though she's only been there for ten months, it already feels incredibly cozy and lived-in. Take a look!

living room

"I didn't want it to feel too heavy," says Katie of the neutral furnishings that complement the white plaster walls in the sun-filled great room, which achieves the perfect balance of airy and cozy.

sitting area

seating nook

This seating nook is a favorite of Katie's college-aged kids. She downplays the TV with one of her favorite decorating tricks: a glossy stripe of black paint. The ultra-cool bust of Joan of Arc (“the first antique I ever bought") keeps watch over the dining area.


On having heirlooms and nostalgic items–like this cool gallery wall of family photos—in her home, Katie says, "You can't hold on to the past, but it's really wonderful to have your memory jogged."



Katie's a big believer in wabi sabi, the Japanese concept of beauty in imperfection, so she opted to leave the well-worn painted floor as it was. "That's a big theme of my life—not throwing out the old but trying to rearrange it so that it feels fresh and usable and practical," she says.



If mixing patterns seems intimidating to you, fear not! Katie shares her top tips for decorating with patterns.

Vary the scale. “You don't want the patterns to be the same size, because they'll compete with each other," Katie explains.

Go for variety. “You can mix geometrics with florals or toiles. And I think you can always use animal prints everywhere!"


Stay grounded. “I really like to anchor things with solids," Katie says. “Find the 'power solid' color that you want to work with. In my living room it's the grays, the tans, and the cognac color."

Keep an open mind. “Don't always try to match—be willing to throw something kind of unexpected into the mix," Katie says. “Be open to experiment a little bit because it makes it surprising and fun."



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