HomeGoods Stylescope Preview

Think horoscopes are hit or miss? What about a Stylescope that could determine your home design personality with just one question? Luckily, HomeGoods paired up with interior designer and TV Host Taniya Nayak to do just that.

By choosing from an array of photo options, the one-question Stylescope quiz matches you up with one of 12 distinct design personalities. From boho and new country to classic or metro modern, each design style reflects an individual's choice home decor. Not only does the quiz pair you with a personal style, but it provides insight on how to entertain, shop and style with your given match.

"The thing that excited me about this project was the unlimited potential to show you how to bring your personality out in your home without breaking the bank," says Nayak. "You don't need to refurnish an entire room. The right throw pillows or table idea or decorative accessory can actually breathe a whole new life into your space."

So if you're a world traveler or better known for your urban funk flair, check out the Stylescope quiz over at the HomeGoods website.

Check out our favorite finds from the Stylescope preview to gain some room inspiration!

  1. Home Goods Stylescope

    Photo by Home Goods

    Want to find out your home design personality? Take the Stylescope quiz at

  2. Set Sail

    Photo by The Nest

    We love how bright and bold these nautical table accents are!

  3. Farmhouse Glam

    Photo by The Nest

    Who knew country and chic could exist within the same room, let alone in the same sentence?

  4. Punch of Color

    Photo by The Nest

    This vibrant chair is cute, affordable and most importantly...comfortable.

  5. Spa Life

    Photo by The Nest

    How simple and elegant is this neutral bedding?

  6. Boho Bedding

    Photo by The Nest

    We love the bird accents and whimsical color scheme in this bohemian bedroom.

  7. Set Sail

    Photo by The Nest

    From the oars to the miniature ship, this nautical set up makes us want to set sail.

  8. Vegas Baby

    Photo by The Nest

    What happens in the Vegas room ought to be shared! We love the tarnished vases and bejeweled frames seen here.

  9. Accessory Pup

    Photo by The Nest

    This fake pooch will compliment your carpet instead of ruining it.

  10. New Country

    Photo by The Nest

    The sunflowers give this country room a pop of color while funky pillows provide some personality.

  11. Urban Funk

    Photo by The Nest

    Who knew recycled spokes had a place in the bedroom?

  12. How would you describe your design style? Which of our home decor picks is your favorite?

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