15 Holiday Gifts for the Hostess Under $50 You'll Want to Keep for Yourself

Fifteen perfect holiday gifts for the hostess -- all under $50 -- so you'll always bring the perfect gift, no matter the occasion.

We're embarking on the busiest hosting season of the year and with dinner parties, cocktail parties and parties of every kind, you're going to need some go-to gifts for the hostess. Here are fifteen home-inspired gifts your entertaining friend is sure to enjoy... unless you decide to keep them for yourself (we're not judging).

  1. Season's Greetings

    glass oil and vinegar bottles with oak stoppers
    Photo by Courtesy of Sagaform

    Perfectly designed oil and vinegar bottles (with oak stoppers!) will be as equally received, if not more, than the standard artisan oil/vinegar duo from your last travels.

    SHOP NOW: Oil/Vinegar bottles with oak stoppers, $25, Sagaform, BedBathandBeyond.com

  2. Treat With Tea Towels

    dot and stripe tea towels
    Photo by Courtesy of Studio Patro

    You can never have too many tea towels in the kitchen, so bring your friend a small stack of artisan ones. Coming in modern colors and prints, it will only take one or two treat your host.

    SHOP NOW: Lucky Stripe and Just Dots tea towels in mineral, $24 each, StudioPatro.com

  3. Tales to Tell

    wintertime tales book
    Photo by Courtesy of Taschen

    Does your holiday host have tiny children running around? Bring a gift that will entertain (quietly) the entire family.

    SHOP NOW: A Treasury of Wintertime Tales, $40, Taschen.com

  4. Playing with Color

    colorful milk vases
    Photo by Courtesy of Robert Siegel Studio

    Colorful handmade vases are perfect for the modern home that loves to use pops of bright hues. This one will make a great accent to any nook, with or without flowers.

    SHOP NOW: Gold rim baby milk vase, $32, RobertSiegelStudio.com

  5. Pop That Top

    vintage popcorn popper
    Photo by Courtesy of Rejuvenation

    There's nothing more delicious or healthy than a homemade popcorn snack. A vintage-looking stainless steel and wood pop corn popper will make movie night for you and your host that much more savory.

    SHOP NOW: Classic popcorn popper, $29, Rejuvenation.com

  6. Shining Bright

    mercury glass candle
    Photo by Courtesy of Capri Blue Candles

    A sweetly-scented candle always checks the box in the hostess gifting department. But don't just pick any ol' one. A candle done up in a re-usable container, like mercury glass, is guaranteed to be used long after the wax has burned out.

    SHOP NOW: Mercury candle bowl with lid, $40, CapriBlueCandles.com

  7. Measure Up

    copper measuring cups
    Photo by Courtesy of Anthropologie

    Know that your host loves to bake? Up the chic level in their kitchen with of-the-moment copper measuring cups that will look best on open shelving.

    SHOP NOW: Russet measuring cups, $28, Anthropologie.com

  8. Cake Walk

    let us all eat cake book
    Photo by Courtesy of Amazon

    Going gluten-free has never been easier and if your hostess loves to bake, why not gift a book that has tons of delish cake recipes that everyone will be able to enjoy. We recommend offering your services as an official taste tester.

    SHOP NOW: Let Us All Eat Cake: Gluten-Free Recipes for Everyone's Favorite Cakes, $18, Catherine Ruehle and Sarah Scheffel, Amazon.com

  9. Float Away

    air plant terrarium kit
    Photo by Courtesy of Amazon

    For the hostess that's all about urban gardening, mid-century decor and has a panache for the desert, this gift is for them. Air plants are the hottest trend in living decor and this kit will let your friend DIY a charming hanging terrarium.

    SHOP NOW: Air plant terrarium kit, $15, Hinterland Trading, Amazon.com

  10. Hammer Time

    hammered copper vase
    Photo by Courtesy of Terrain

    Every home needs a little extra green life -- bring your host a hammered copper pot. It's beyond cool, will look good with mixed metals and can be used to plant succulents or arrange flowers in.

    SHOP NOW: Hammered copper drop pot, from $28, ShopTerrain.com

  11. Play the Name Game

    gold lion place card holders
    Photo by Courtesy of Target

    You may think that name cards at the dinner table are too formal but au contraire! They're actually a great way to add a chic element while arranging your guests in a fun way. Coming in gold, we're sure your hostess (or you!) will love seeing a pack of lions playing on the table.

    SHOP NOW: Lion place card holders, $10, Nate Berkus, Target.com

  12. Cut the Cheese

    cheese making kit
    Photo by Courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

    Ideal for your favorite cheese monger, this kit actually let's you DIY your own chevre. It's basically a fromage dream without having to "leave it all for the country to live out your passion" kit.

    SHOP NOW: DIY Chèvre Cheese-Making Kit, $30, Williams-Sonoma.com

  13. Burn One Down

    beeswax cantles
    Photo by Courtesy of Terrain

    Everyone looks younger and fresher in candlelight, so bring the best to the next dinner party you attend. Handmade beeswax taper candles will look chic, and make you look even better in their glow.

    SHOP NOW: Pure beeswax tapers, $28, ShopTerrain.com

  14. Creature Feature

    gold urchin objects
    Photo by Courtesy of Dwell Studio

    Made for your always-stylish host with a home that's just so, these gold urchin objects will surprise and be warmly welcomed.

    SHOP NOW: Urchin shiny gold object, from $24, DwellStudio.com

  15. A Trifle With Truffles

    bath truffles
    Photo by Courtesy of Anthropologie

    Chocolate truffles are delicious but if your favorite hostess prefers treats that aren't sweets, give her something she can relax with. Pretty bath salts in the shape of desserts are as deceiving as their chill-out capabilities. And after hosting holiday gatherings, who wouldn't need a little de-stress "me" time?

    SHOP NOW: Bouquet bath truffles, $18, Anthropologie.com