How Long To Boil Corn

Learn how long to boil corn for the perfect tenderness with just the right amount of crunch. Sweet, crispy corn on the cob is the epitome of summer barbeques, but boiling corn on the cob is a lot quicker, and less messy than grilling it. Boiling corn on the cob on the stovetop requires very little prep and a short cooking time. When looking to buy corn on the cob at the market, keep an eye out for fresh green husks, and stay away from dull, dried­ out brown layers. For optimal freshness, store your corn on the cob in the fridge until you are ready to cook it.

How long will it take to boil corn on the cob?

5 minutes

Cookware: strainer large pot



4 ears of corn


1 tablespoon salt

flaky sea salt and butter, for garnish

Recipe steps

  1. Remove the corn husks: If using non­husked corn on the cob, shuck each corn husk by removing the outermost layer of husk. Then, in one firm motion, pull the leaves of the corn straight down, in a zipper­-like motion until the kernels are exposed. Strongly break off the leaves of the corn and rub off the silky strings.
  1. Rinse the corn: Rinse the ears of corn thoroughly under cool water and be sure to remove any excess silky strands. If your pot isn't big enough, cut each ear of corn in half.
  1. Boil water: Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Carefully drop in the ears of corn and tablespoon of salt. Cover the pot of corn, and lower the flame to medium-­low. Boil the corn on the cob for 4­ minutes for crunchy kernels, and 6 minutes for softer ones. Remove the corn with tongs, and serve immediately with butter and flaky sea salt.

Although the preferred method is boiled, corn on the cob can also be grilled or steamed.

How long to grill corn:

Once you have your shucked and rinsed ears of corn, place each ear on a sheet of foil, shiny side in. Season each ear with salt and pepper and top with a few pats of butter. Wrap and seal with the foil and place on a preheated grill. Grill the corn on the cob for 20 minutes, turning each individually wrapped corn on the cob every 2 minutes.

How long to steam corn:

Fill a pot with 2 inches of water and bring to a boil. Add shucked and rinsed ears of corn to a steamer basket and place over the boiling pot of water. Cover the pot and steam the corn on the cob for 7­-10 minutes or until the corn reaches desired tenderness. Keep an eye on the water and add more as needed. Remove the corn on the cobs with tongs and serve with butter and salt.

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