How to Be a “Happy Bitch”

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Does the term “Happy Bitch" sound like a contradiction to you? Well it doesn't to Keryl Pesce, who wrote the book on it — literally. In fact, happiness guru Keryl created an entire brand called Happy Bitch to help empower women — both coupled up and single alike — to take control of their own bliss. They even sell bottles of wine under the brand name — and if anyone's a happy bitch when she's drinking vino, it's me, so I can definitely get on board with this agenda.

Keryl encourages us to remember that — even if we're in relationships — it's totally okay to make our ourselves a priority. “The majority of us fail to realize the most important relationship in your life is the one you have with yourself," Keryl says. “We put our wants and needs last, make no time to do what we want, shelve our passions and then look around at our lives scratching our heads wondering how we got here."

Here are Keryl's top five ways to look out for number one:

  1. Decide today to have a better relationship with yourself. Carpe diem, bitches! Show yourself love as you'd show love to your significant other. All the happy vibes will have ripple effects on other areas of your life too.
  2. Be aware of negative self talk. Sure, some of us simply have self-deprecating senses of humor. But Keryl says that talking crap about yourself — even as a joke — slowly programs you for failure and unhappiness. She advises not to say anything about yourself that you wouldn't say to your spouse, parent or child.
  3. Lose the guilt. Keryl says the happiest and most magnetic people you know make a habit of giving themselves a break instead of a guilt trip when they mess up or feel they've disappointed someone. In other words, forgive yourself and the rest will follow.
  4. Exercise: This one should be a no-brainer, but we often forget that working out not only gets our bodies fit but whips our minds and emotions into shape too. If you hate hitting the gym, Keryl advises pursuing an activity you enjoy, like biking, gardening and even having more sex. Endorphins, baby!
  5. Take a time-out: Always feel like you're hustling? Your schedule can only be overextended if you let it be. Keryl strongly suggests (and we concur) carving out time each day to do nothing but relax. Even a small amount of time to clear your head can make a huge difference.

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