How to Care for a Terrarium

Great news! There's very little upkeep required. Sweet.

You don't need to do much to care for your terrarium. After all, the whole point of this self-contained system is that it's a shortcut to fuss-free greenery. But there are a few rules of thumb that will help make sure yours continues to thrive.

  • The moisture collects on the glass of the jar, then goes down into the soil and up into the plants, and then back out onto the glass walls again. If it seems like there's too much water (beacause it's fogging up the glass), take off the lid and air it out for a few days. If it seems like there's not enough water, add just a little bit -- better to add too little water than too much. Your terrarium needs bright light, but not direct sunlight -- the glass container can magnify the heat of the sun, making the temperature inside the jar too high.
  • This is one garden you don't want to grow too fast, so don't worry much about fertilizer. It's all right to use a super-diluted fertilizer solution if the plants really seem like they're struggling. But as soon as anything starts to touch the glass, trim back the leaves or the plants.