How to Display Your Wedding Photos

Photo: Getty
Forget about putting a cheesy 20 x 20 above your fireplace; it's just too...much. Instead, try these fresh tips to show off your twosome.

Create a Series

Buy frames in the same color but in four or five different sizes; then enlarge or reduce your favorite photographs to suit the frames. Choose a room where you can hang them together (anywhere from your entryway to your den) as a series. Or create a cool wall ledge to display multiple frames.

Mix It Up
Along with a posed wedding shot, include some candids or pics of your favorite details, such as the church facade or your bouquet. Go with black-and-white or sepia photos (save the color ones for your screensaver). Add a handwritten note or paper invitation in a shadow box frame that will make the wall more visually interesting.

Prep the Area
Make paper cutouts that are the size of your frames and lightly tack them up with tape to make sure you're happy before you even think about picking up a hammer! There should be at least two inches of space between the frames.

No Wall Space

Buy a high-grade, large-size journal and place prints of photos in there for a classic, old-school look. Put it on your coffee table and leave it open to create an eye-catching display for the guests at your next cocktail party.

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