How to Give an Old Dresser a New Look

vintage dresser
Photo: iStock
Five steps for giving an old dresser a new look, no Botox necessary.

- drop cloth (because accidents happen)
- fine-grain sandpaper (220 grit)
- damp cloth
- paintbrush
- 1 quart of white paint from The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company (Milk Paint is not available everywhere, so check out for retailers in your area or to buy online.)
- new hardware

How To
1. Remove the hardware and put the dresser in the center of your drop cloth.
2. Grab that sandpaper and give the cabinet a quick sanding to scuff the paint and correct any surface roughness. Wipe away dust with a clean, slightly damp cloth; be careful not to soak the wood.
3. Break out the brush and paint and apply a coat. (Try making strokes in the direction of the grain.) Let dry. Applying a second coat is only necessary if the original color bleeds through.
4. Once the paint is completely dry, find that piece of sandpaper and prepare to distress. Your goal is to achieve the subtle effect of wear and tear, not for the furniture to look beaten and battered.
5. Polish off the look by attaching stylish new knobs to the furniture. Then go ahead and marvel at your handy work.