How to Improve Your Bathroom Lighting

Hey, most of us start our days in the bathroom, so lighting counts. Here's how to improve it.

Lighting in general can be confusing, but getting bathroom lighting just right is especially tricky. After all, low light could have you leaving the house with a heavy mask of makeup or worse!

Warm it up: Keep the lighting as warm as possible...unless you want to exaggerate your flaws (as if you have any). To create a warm light, choose a full spectrum or rose-colored bulb. Spread it out: Personally, we think it's a confidence builder to start the day by looking at your best possible reflection. That means making sure that you are lit from both the sides and above. Lighting solely from above can create harsh shadows and make it look like you have bags under your eyes.

Nestpert: Kevin Lichten, AIA is a founder and principal of, a New York architecture and design firm.