How to Laugh Together More

couple laughing outdoors
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Hey, every relationship goes through a bit of a fun rut every now and then. Maybe you're both working long hours and too exhausted to talk, let alone think of something funny by the time you get home. Perhaps you've been fighting so much lately that you can't remember the last time you cracked a smile, let alone laughed with your partner. Or, maybe you've just been together so long that your best jokes have run their course by now.… Whatever the case, studies show that laughing more actually helps you to live longer. Pretty good reason to get giggling, huh? Read on for a few tips for finding your sense of humor again -- no matter where you are in your relationship.

Pop In a Comedy
If you've both been so wiped lately that your evening routine consists of takeout and TV, no problem. Just throw in a funny flick once in a while. A well-chosen comedy (read: don't pick something you know your significant other won't find amusing) will at least get you both laughing and possibly snuggling -- even if you both pass out before it's over. Our picks: The Hangover, The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Role Models.

Try Something New Together
Always wanted to learn to surf? Is bungee jumping or skydiving on your list of lifetime to-dos? Even if you're not a thrill-seeker and your idea of “living dangerously" involves trying a new Rachael Ray recipe, trying something new together is bound to garner a few laughs. Ever seen your guy dance? Now think about him trying to tango. Pretty funny, right? Your girl can barely balance in one-inch heels? Picture her trying to stand up on a surfboard while riding a wave. That's gotta be worth a few laughs too, no? Keep in mind that a hard blow to the pride just isn't that funny. So make sure that you don't laugh too hard at your partner's expense, and try something that neither of you has done, so you get to take turns looking like a fool. For a foolproof solution, try something that inherently involves humor, like checking out a new comedy club or getting drinks with the couple that always makes you laugh.

Tell More Stories
If you've been together so long by now that you're convinced you've told each other every last story you've got up your sleeve, think again. Just look for the humor that's in front of your face. Talk about your day more, chat about your crazy coworkers (come on, you know you've got at least one you love to make fun of), or rehash some old times you've had with each other. Talking more in general will naturally bring about more opportunities to tickle each other's funny bones -- without even trying. But it's also important to try to find the humor in any situation, no matter how crappy things seem on the surface. That's what will help you both get through the hard times with your relationship -- and sense of humor -- intact.