St. Patty’s Day Drinks (Plus, How to Make Green Beer!)

St. Patty’s Day definitely calls for a green beverage -- or two. Celebrate with these great (green!) cocktails and find out how to turn your favorite brew green.
  1. Captain Nemo

    This yummy drink mixes Cointreau, blue curacao and good ol’ OJ. Combined, it’s a green concoction you’ll actually want to drink!

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  2. Jumpin’ Julep

    This drink gets its color from mint...oh, and jalapeno! (Spicy.)

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  3. Mojito

    Nothing satisfies quite like a classic mojito.

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  4. Kiwi Cosmo

    It ain’t easy being green, but this drink makes it look pretty dang delicious. (It’s all about the kiwi!)

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  5. Green Beer

    Photo by Shutterstock / The Nest

    Want to make green beer? It’s actually pretty easy -- just add food coloring! Pick a light brew so you don’t have to empty a whole bottle (three to five drops should do it for most brews.) Have a more yellow-based beer (we’re looking at you, Hoegaarden)? Add a bit of blue food coloring. Don’t want to deal with it? Buy an Irish brew or a green-bottled beer, and drink up.