How to Nail a Rustic Bathroom

Whether or not you live in a log cabin, this is a fun look for any bathroom. Here’s how to achieve it:

- Wood, wood, wood. Use it wherever possible -- the door, the walls, and anywhere else you can think of. Wood is the hallmark of rustic no matter what room you're in. Don't worry about knots and other imperfections, and it's fine to leave it pitted and unfinished -- this only adds to the rustic look. Just make sure it's properly treated to withstand the high-moisture environment of a bathroom.

- If wooden walls aren't in the works, consider the ceiling. Lightweight sealed cane or reeds should be pretty easy to attach to the underside of whatever existing ceiling you have. Just be sure you have a fan or a window to keep the moisture down.

- Know your style. There are lots of different types of rustic -- rustic western, rustic cabin, rustic farm, or rustic country. Then try and stick to that same theme throughout your bathroom.

- Go for a teak bath mat. This wooden option can either roll up or be a simple slatted slab. If you leave it untreated, it'll age nicely over time. And -- an extra plus -- it prevents water from pooling around your feet.

- Have fun with accessories -- basically, anything old (or old-looking) fits with the rustic theme. Even if it feels mismatched or is an out-of-the-ordinary bathroom accessory (say, a horseshoe), throw it on in -- this only adds to the rustic look.

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