How to Get The Look: French Provencial

This ultra-feminine style is all about painted furniture, tufting, and romance. Here's how to get it.

Give your home a touch of decadence with French Provincial pieces. We'll show you how to spot the look and make it your own.

  • French provincial furniture tends to have human scale and proportions, with curved, Queen Ann-style legs. If the chair looks like it could strike up a conversation with you one minute and walk away the next, it's probably French Provincial.
  • Pieces are often finished with a combination of upholstery, wood, and white paint with a rustic finish.
  • Go for a pastel color palette for walls and upholstery -- nothing heavy will pair well with the pale, curvy pieces.
  • Think delicate -- finish even photos and artwork in diminutive frames.
  • Crystal lighting? Bring it on. Chandeliers, lampshades, and candlesticks all do the trick.
  • Nestpert: Minnesota designer Jay Nuhring, author of the blog "Loving What You Have."