How to Organize Everything

color coordinated cabinet
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We asked all of our blogger friends to give us their best tips for staying organized. Here are 27 great clutter-busting ideas (including some of our own!) to help you simplify your life.
  1. 1. Have a place for everything. Whether it's a basket, drawer or file, it's the key to keeping clutter at bay.

    -- Kate Riley of

    2. I hate searching for camera chargers, phone chargers, etc., so I try to group similar items together. Keeping them all in the same place really helps.

    -- Marianne Strong of

    3. I discovered a few great apps, like Jaimie Oliver's 20 Minute Meals, that give me access to recipes so I can create grocery lists right on my phone. No more random Post-it lists for me!

    -- Shelly Beauvais of

  2. 4. I work from home, so I have my computer and desk in an armoire that I can close up when work time is over. Plus, it hides my ugly printer.

    -- Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day (

    5. Keep your closet organized with an efficient shelving system to maximize every inch of your closet space.

    -- Nicole Gibbons of

    6. Throw away anything you don't need.

    -- Stefanie Schiada of

    7. Divide the shelves of your media center into zones for books, games, movies and music. And don't forget to designate a spot for remotes.

    8. I stuff pillowcases with their matching sheets to save space.

    -- Katie Ragona of The Design Apprentice (

    9. Invest in jewelry trays to compartmentalize your rings, earrings and necklaces in a drawer.

    -- Erin Hiemstra of

  3. 10. Laundry rooms don't have to be an eyesore. If you don't have cabinets, just hide messy shelves full of detergent and supplies behind bamboo blinds.

    -- Sherry Petersik of

    11. My three rules to organize by: fabric boxes, wooden wine crates and purging!

    -- Julieann Covino of

  4. 12. Hang jewelry on the wall in old vintage frames.

    -- Kirsten Grove of

    13. Label, label, label! That way, everyone knows where things go and there's no excuse for leaving a mess.

    -- Traci Zeller of

    14. Put plastic bags from the grocery store in an old empty tissue box and keep it under the sink. Then, whenever you need a bag, you can pull it out easily.

  5. 15. Zigzag hooks are a key organizing tool. They keep everything from bags in the closet to towels in the bathroom neat.

    16. I take photographs of my daughter's art work for our photo albums so that we have a memory of it rather than keeping the actual pieces.

    -- Vanessa Francis of

    17. To cut down on paper clutter, register for paperless billing for everything you can.

    -- Kerry Hale of

    18. Group towels by color and size, and roll them up for maximum storage in your bathroom or linen closet.

    -- Michelle Jennings Wiebe of

    19. I swear by those clear plastic shoe boxes from The Container Store!

    -- Michelle Verdugo of

  6. 20. Get some baskets, with lids.

    -- Jade Timmerman of FlipFlops and PearlsDesign.

    21. Contact lens cases are great for keeping small earrings together when you're traveling.

    22. To save space in your bathroom vanity, hang a tote bag on a hook for bulky things like hair dryers and brushes.

    -- Jen Jafarzadeh L'Italien of

    23. Stack books in a vintage drawer.

    -- Brooke Fish of

    24. I use magazines to keep my tall boots upright in my closet. It also helps them keep their shape.

    -- Carlee Dodson of

    25. Old library file drawers are a cool way to organize makeup. Just label each drawer -- lips, eyes or cheeks.

  7. 26. Coat the inside of drawers and closets with fresh paint -- it's easier to organize in a fresh, clean space.

    -- Chelsea Fuss of Frolic! (

    27. Put a small tray near the front door to keep your keys and sunglasses readily accessible.

    -- Jen Ramos of