How to Organize Your Sports Gear

No more room for your car in the garage?

Start by designating a single area for sports gear, be it part of your garage, a shed, or a side entryway. Keeping everything together will make it much easier to find what you need and also contain the sweatiness to one limited (and possibly a little smelly) area. Make sure it's well ventilated to prevent mold damage, and don't store anything that isn't totally dry.

Invest in storage containers for more delicate gear that you use a lot. What you need depends on what you have (bikes, skis or snowboards, fishing gear, etc.), but we've found it's wiser to spend a little money on storage systems built exactly for that purpose rather than cobble together your own solutions.

Some things don't require special storage, especially if you only use them occasionally or recreationally. For example, a garbage can works well for long items like hockey sticks, lacrosse sticks, baseball bats, and so forth. Just make sure nothing is more than double the height of the garbage can, because that makes tipping over much more likely.

Balls store well in mesh baskets or duffel or mesh bags hung from the walls or the ceiling, and also take up less of your valuable floor space. Keep an air pump handy so you don't get stuck with a deflated ball when it's time to play.

Sports shoes can be laced together and hung by hooks, with deodorizing balls inside to keep them from really stinking up the area.

Now that you've got your sports gear all put away find out how to organize your laundry room!