How to Role Play (Without Cracking Up)

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Ready to take your sex life to the next level? Master the art of role-playing with these five simple steps. Trust us, you’ll be playing dress-up (and liking it) in no time!

Create boundaries. The discussion of boundaries should happen before role-play is even attempted. What would you and your partner be willing to do to live out each other's sexual fantasies? What don't you want to happen? What freaks you out a bit? It's all about creating an environment full of respect and trust. Of course, remember that the whole point of role-playing is to have fun -- so let your imaginations wander a bit and don't be shy about sharing.

Fully commit. The most important aspect of role-playing is creating a meaningful, delicious, and climactic experience for you and your partner. So what does this mean exactly? For one, hanging your inhibitions at the door. There's nothing sexy about a French maid who's rolling her eyes and saying how stupid she feels. Accept that you're just spicing up your sex life and have fun with it. Remember, you're trying to create a fantasy world (and laughing in his face will bring you both back to reality super-quick.)

Have a script. Adlibbing can lead to disastrous results. Buy a script or write your own with your lover. By being fully prepared there's less of a chance for awkward lulls or weird comments.

Rehearse. Practice makes perfect, right? The more effort and time you put in, the better the experience will be for both of you. Take the pressure off of your “first time" by accepting that it might be a little awkward but that it'll get better and more comfortable over time.

Get into character. Without knowing the person you're playing, the fantasy is only going to be so-so. Develop the character in your mind and don't break from it once you begin. If you're going to be a pilot and stewardess, change into that character the moment you walk in the room and stick with it until the “act" is over.

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