How to Stop Being Too Tired for Sex

couple sleeping in bed
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Top 5 ways to get your sex life back on track.

1. Prioritize, dammit. Here's the deal: Anything you place at the bottom of your list will never get done. Chances are, if you're reading this, that's exactly what you've been doing with your (not-so-hot) sex life. So it's time to move sex up the list a few notches. You might not realize that you've been putting sex after that book you're reading, or Jay (as in, Leno) before your man. Not exactly a recipe for a happy relationship, huh? Bump sex up to the top of your evening ritual and you might not be too tired anymore.

2. Identify sneaky time sucks. When was the last time you said you were too tired to browse Facebook or your favorite design blogs? Uh-huh. Newsflash: Those 20 minutes you think you just spent reading dumb status updates or looking at kitchens really took an hour. (That's the magic of the web—time flies.) That's also an hour you could have been shagging your significant other.

3.“Energy map" your day. Ask yourself when you feel most sexy (or just flat out horny). Also ask yourself when that "up for it" vibe goes bye-bye. Are you feeling frisky right after your morning shower but bloated and lazy after dinner? Compare times with your partner and see where they intersect. Maybe “decompression hour" right after work would be better spent “decompressing" under the sheets. Then again, perhaps it's a rise-and-shine kind of thing for you guys. Or, you might just have to switch off who gets to do it when they're in the mood. Bottom line: Pay more attention to your prime sexy time.

4. Kick the TV out of the bedroom already! How many times do we have to say it? There are countless studies linking a flat screen in the bedroom to a flatlining sex life. One Italian study even claimed that a bedroom boob tube reduces couple's sexual activity by 50 percent. If you're awake enough to watch Lockup Raw at 2a.m., you're awake enough to do the deed (hey, lazy sex can still be delish).

5. Use your imagination. Making an effort and perhaps, scheduling sex (yes, we just wrote that terribly unsexy phrase) doesn't have to turn the dirty deed into a chore. A little planning is actually a great excuse to get adventurous. Make a date to meet for a little noontime nookie during your lunch breaks. If budget allows, get a hotel room once in awhile and treat it like a torrid affair. See how titillating schedules can be?