How to Style Your Wanderlust Treasures Post-Summer Travels

Learn a few unique ways to style travel keepsakes you'll no doubt be collecting during your adventures to new places.

Wanderlust is as contagious as ever—and with the summer heating up, we have no doubt you'll be catching it, too. Whether you're traveling across the country or discovering a new continent, we know that finding treasures representative of your travels is all a part of the experience. We mean, how could you not collect matches from your favorite restaurants in Europe? Or buy those gorgeous decorative glasses from local artisans in Morocco? While these objects might find a place in your heart during your journey, they might seem foreign when it comes to finding a place in your home. Learn a few unique ways to style travel keepsakes you'll no doubt be collecting during your adventures to new places via these moodboard translations made on nousDECOR, and be prepared to think back lovingly on your journeying throughout the year, no matter where you are in your home.

travel nest 1

If you're into collecting stamps (or even posters) from different countries, then stringing them across into a garland is a fun and easy way to display your collection in any space.

travel nest 2

Your coffee table is an ideal place where guests will gather around for good conversation and storytelling about your adventures. For another unique display, try a centerpiece featuring matchbooks from your favorite travel destinations on your coffee table.

travel nest 3

Lover of vignettes? Then this is an opportunity to incorporate delicate travel items such as hand-painted ceramics or china that would look natural in a kitchen or dining nest 4

These decorative candleholders with Mediterranean-inspired designs are perfect for pretty tea lights. You can also use any delicate glasses or vases you've collected during your travels as an nest 5

A gallery wall has infinite possibilities when it comes to showcasing travel-inspired treasures. Whether you use photographs of past travels or calendar prints of places you hope to visit in the future, use your wall as a canvas!

travel nest 6

Who said a cubby was just for storage? Arrange your most prized keepsakes from your favorite travel destinations in a set of cubbies as an easy display option in your home.

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