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how we live at second shoutout
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What's the best way to incorporate antiques into your more modern decor? For inspiration, we reached out to the creative minds behind Second Shout Out, one of our favorite spots for cool vintage home finds, to see how they've put together their own homes. We love what we discovered and we think you will too (and, no, you don't have to blow your budget to recreate these looks.) Check out 7 cool rooms -- and steal some ideas for your own pad!

Photo: Quinton Hoover

Quinton Hoover

Title: Founder & CEO

Décor Style: I have a very eclectic home décor style, depending on my mood and location. Although overall I am attracted to a minimal and monochromatic style, with use of vintage woods, steel and stone.

Favorite color palette: White / Creams, Slate and Grays – all four colors have a warm and cool effect which is important to me in a home, balance.

Favorite Décor Piece: I received an authentic vintage wooden propeller from my Grandfather which I love, it has an emotional meaning and it hung in his home office.

Inspired By: Anything, from photography to architecture and buildings, I am inspired by my traveling and living aboard. Since we are an online business we can basically live anywhere, so my design inspirations change from place to place.

Photo: Suzy Hoover

Suzy Hoover

Title: Founder, Merchandiser

Décor Style: Right now since we are living on the East Coast and have a pond on our property it has an environmental feeling, stone, woods, espresso floors, flax linen sofa and accent items from all over the globe from our travels and living aboard in India, Italy and UK. We have furnishings that have been passed down to us from our great grand-parents, it has such a very warm and heart-full emotion to our home.

Favorite color palette: Creamy white, Chalky Brown, Orange sprinkled in

Favorite Décor Piece: My favorite piece is a toss up between my photography from Italy hanging on our walls and my Ganesha from when I lived in India, it was hanging in our puja room. – It's a reflection of my time spent living in Kerala.

Inspired By: Everything outside as well people inspire me, could be an interior designer or it could be someone I see walking with a particular style they have. Inspiration is all around us.

Photo: Jesse Turek

Photo: Jesse Turek

Jesse Turek

Title: Lifestyle Contributor

Décor Style: My home is very eclectic. Since I'm a collector I pick up various objects, antiques and furniture during my travels. Everything is cohesive and magically works with each other and creates a warm lived in space.

Favorite color palette: I really don't have a favorite color palette, but I do love turquoise cream and chocolate. Cream and mint, or cream and persimmon. Basically any color with cream. Color helps to add drama, while the cream keeps it sophisticated and serene.

Favorite Décor Piece: I have 3 favorite pieces. My Barcelona chair, a Moroccan inlaid side table and an early American carnival game wheel.

Inspired By: I draw my inspiration from everything that fascinates me or catches my eye during my travels or around the city, mid century decor and architecture, art, fashion and photography. But my main source of inspiration comes from nature such as found objects along the sea shore or river, old barns and industrial factories.

Photo: Gail Smith-Peterson

Photo: Gail Smith-Peterson

Gail Smith-Peterson

Title: Vintage Lifestyle Contributor

Décor Style: My home decor style is a marriage of relaxed cozy spaces, furnished with comfy down pieces paired with velvets, burlap and cow hide rugs. Beautiful vintage French chairs, mirrors and chandeliers and masculine rugged worn textures like train carts and vintage luggage. Simple artwork consists of favorite family photos framed in salvaged beadboard frames. Accessories are family heirlooms and accouterments we love. Currently renovating our third home into a French normandy-ish farmhouse the number one priority is comfort. Integrating the vintage architectural elements such as the vintage doors, lighting, flooring and plumbing fixtures ensures an ambiance of warm, well loved spaces.

Favorite color palette: My favorite colour for home decor is winter whites, greys, silvery-blues and oatmeal. My favorite wood floors at the moment are rich ebony. I adore vintage European linens, mostly white.

Favorite Décor Piece: My most favorite would have to be the 1870's Antique carved French sideboard from a European bakery that will be purposed for my future island, next my European 1880's pine housekeeping cupboard that is 11' long that will be my future kitchen cabinets. Yikes...I do love my antique cast iron garden fountain-urn in the foyer and all my vintage lighting!

Inspired By: I draw my design inspiration from my childhood home in the Midwest and my grandparents 1800's lake house. I am forever drawn to the beautiful architectural details of vintage homes. It was those homes I first noticed the craftsmanship of a window frame or doorway. It was elegant to me. Comfort is a luxury to me, surrounding my family and friends with the warmth and the coziness I remember is a way to share a little piece of what has always inspired me.

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