How Would You Handle Rumors That He Cheated?

Photo: Just Jared

When Chris and I got married nine years ago, I told him that infidelity was a deal breaker. Of course now that we have a two-year-old son, the issue is less clear to me than it was as a 26-year-old newlywed. Back then it was only about us. Now we have Mason's well-being to consider. And if we ever face such a crisis in our marriage, I'm honestly not sure what I would do.

So my heart went out to Fergie when I saw this preview of an interview on that she gave to Oprah about the rumored infidelity that has plagued her marriage to Josh Duhamel early on. (It's set to air on October 21, on OWN's Oprah's Next Chapter.) The Black Eyed Peas singer wed Duhamel in January 2009, and just nine months after tying the knot rumors surfaced that he had an affair with a stripper in Atlanta.

The couple has denied the reports, but dealing with the aftermath wasn't easy. “It was difficult," Fergie told Oprah. “Definitely we're strong today because of anything difficult that's happened with us."

It also couldn't have been a breeze for Fergie to sit with Oprah and talk about this painful time in her marriage.

Whether or not any cheating occurred is between Fergie and Josh. But it sounds like they're committed to working on their relationship for the long haul.

What would you do if you heard that your hubby cheated?