Hurricane Sandy: Share Your Photos, Tell Us Your Stories

Photo: Photo Credit: Sascha Reinking Photography

I'm based in New York City, along with the rest of the editors at In the days leading up to the storm, I had my doubts that it would be as serious as newscasters were saying–hurricane Irene, after all, didn't live up to the media hype. But as the parent of a two-year-old, I knew better than to challenge the safety precautions that officials here were urging us to take. We stocked up on water, batteries, candles, and non-perishable food. We taped up our windows and reinforced them with baby gates.

We're lucky we listened. Although my family is safe and our apartment is intact, the devastation caused by the storm around our home –and, indeed throughout New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, and other parts of the East Coast — is astonishing. Homes and roadways are submerged in floodwaters. Boardwalks have been swallowed up by the ocean. Trees have toppled onto homes and cars. People have been killed.

My heart goes out to those of you who are dealing with dire consequences from the storm (the Red Cross has an excellent resource center online if you need help.) If you just need to talk, visit our community, or share your thoughts here.

Above is a photo that my friend Sascha Reinking (a professional photographer) took of our neighborhood last night; we live along the East River, and, as you can see, it overflowed and water spilled onto the streets. Share your photos with us via Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #myhurricanestory. Your photo may be featured on

Photo by Sascha Reinking Photography