Break the Ice With New Neighbors!

backyard party
Photo: Getty
Nesties share tricks for getting in good with the people next door.
  1. Get a puppy!

    Stacy & Jim
    “We didn’t meet anyone until we got a puppy! It really is amazing how willing people are to approach you when you’re walking a furry friend.”

  2. Have a block party

    Jane & Jamie
    “Every year our neighbor and the previous owners of our house threw an Oktoberfest on our street. They asked us to carry on the tradition, so we did! The guys had a rib cook-off, and we drank beer and met the rest of our neighbors.”

  3. Hang out on your front porch

    Ken & Lynn
    “For the first holiday after we moved to our street, we went to a block party. It was great. We also have a front porch, and we sit outside in the evenings and have met a few neighbors that way.”

  4. Check online for events

    Janae & Dave
    “Most of our neighbors came over as soon as we moved in and introduced themselves to us. There’s also an online organization that lists all of the upcoming events within the community...we were able to meet people through that too.”