In-Law Proof Your Home

Wait, is that the doorbell? It's time to hide the vices (71% of Nesties admit to doing it!) and steal these tips to make your abode more PG: parentally gratifying.

Whip out family photos
Replace those crazy Cancun pics of you doing apple-pie shots with family photos (son plus his beaming mom at the wedding is always a hit). Hint: Slide your family photo behind the crazy one in the frame. Should you get a surprise visit, you can quickly swap out the incriminating shot.

Bring out the blooms
Remember after your wedding, when you looked at each other and said, “What the hell are we going to do with all of these vases?" Pull them out and fill 'em with flowers.

Lower the bar
Your frat brothers might be totally impressed by your extensive, top-shelf bar, but if your in-laws see it, they're going to spend the rest of the night researching Al-Anon groups on the Internet. Streamline your liquor selection and display just a few select bottles.

Hide the XXX stuff
Take a good look in your nightstand and goodie drawer and decide what you wouldn't want them to see. Birth control pills, some lube, condoms and fun electronic devices scream, “Your child is having sex, dirty sex!" Stash it all in your sock drawer.

Stock the fridge
Parents always worry about whether their kid is eating right, so load your fridge with fresh fruit and veggies, and keep a variety of cookbooks in view...even if you're really subsisting on Subway and cereal.

Show off the tchotchkes
When ol' Betty and Bob come over, they'll be looking around for the (tacky/cheap/inappropriate) gifts they bought you. So keep all the knickknacks you were given in a box under your bed and quickly display them right before your in-laws arrive. Once they leave, toss 'em back in their hiding place.