Why Being Apart Is Healthy For a Marriage

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A new study says that married couples who live apart for the majority of the week are healthier. Find out why.

A new study has come out saying thatget ready for thismarried couples who live apart for the majority of the week are happier and healthier than ones who stay under the same roof all the time.

Researchers at Northwestern's Family Institute found that couples who were apartusually 50 miles or morefor a large chunk of the week due to work reasons had better health and less anxiety. Turns out, it's because those who live apart have more independence and time to take care of themselves (whether that be working out or getting some belly laughs in with friends).

Of course, it's not perfect. Those couples were more likely to experience more stress over personal issues and conflict with their spouse. So the disadvantages might even out the advantages of living apart.

But, we can learn from this. If independence is really the key to having a happier and healthier marriage, you don't have to necessarily live apart to achieve that. Making sure that you both have “me-time" to do the things you need to do regardless of whether you live together or not is a good takeaway from the results of this study.

Do you feel like you have a lot of independence in your marriage? Do you think that makes you a happier person?


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