4 Tips for Displaying Wall Art That Looks Stylish, Not Messy

wall art
Photo: Uncovet

Wall art adds wonderful character to a room, but figuring out how to display your favorite pieces can be overwhelming. You may wonder, for example, how to arrange the random photos and paintings that you already have so that they look like a cohesive collection. Or perhaps you'd love to know how to create a new collection of artwork that you'll love, and that will compliment the decor you already have in a room. Follow these simple steps to get it right.

  1. Consider a theme

    Photo by houseofthebonestorm.blogspot.com

    If you're a planner and prefer to know what you're going to do before you even start buying your art, go with one common theme, such as illustrations, black-and-white prints or landscapes. This method of decorating your wall is also ideal if your room has bold decor.

  2. Design a layout

    Photo by mpide.tumblr.com

    If you just want to take your favorite pieces and put them up, the best thing you can do is to come up with a great layout. Take all of your art, arrange it on the floor and design out how you want it on the wall. Then snap a photo and start adding each piece to the wall, referencing your photo.

  3. Come up with a system

    Photo by planete-deco.fr

    An organized collection will look more cohesive. For starters, choose a visual element, such as color or frame style that's alike. Then, make sure that there's an even amount of white space between each artwork.

  4. Determine the look you want

    Photo by amberinteriordesign.blogspot.com

    For a dramatic look, hang one extra large piece, such as a gorgeous woman posed seductively, a wall-to-wall landscape decal of your birthplace, or even an abstract photo of a flower. For more understated style, choose pieces that are similar in size.

    For more design inspiration, visit Uncovet's wall art board on Pinterest.