Instant Expert: This Eames Chair Was Possible Because of What?!

eames chairs

You've seen these chairs everywhere, but did you know that the famed molded Eames chairs -- developed by the husband-and-wife design duo Charles and Ray Eames -- were possible because of military technology (um, like the Internet)?

In a material world: Charles and Ray Eames were first in their class to utilize fiberglass (so space age-y!), which was new to designers in the mid-20th century. Thanks to inventiveness and production techniques, they worked with this fresh radical resource to mold their famed Armshell and LAR chairs.

It's in the plan: Thanks to the Marshall Plan (a major reconstruction program for a post-WWII Europe, which meant $$$ and spending) and the need for mass-produced homes and home goods, creative brains everywhere were given monetary investments to start designing. While the Eames pair was based in California, this new outlook set the stage for designers to start thinking about simple, functional creations. So, we can pretty much thank George C. Marshall and President Harry Truman for mid-century design. Who knew?

Chill out, man: Venice, California is now one laid-back location, but a post-war attitude led to this more relaxed, less formal outlook than with previous generations. Unfussy, minimalistic furniture and products that had a purpose (other than just looking good) became the standard. And who wants to sit in stiff chairs? No one. So the Eames took the then-new fiberglass material and started creating body hugging chairs that no one had seen before.

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