8 “It” Cocktails to Try

Wow your friends at the next party with these trendy drinks.
  1. Poison Ivy

    This season’s cocktails are all about the savory, and this one’s no exception. It blends basil and vodka (and gets a kick from a pinch of cayenne pepper) to create a gourmet sip!

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  2. Applejack Rabbit

    This drink is a new take on sweet (read: not fruity), mixing maple syrup and apple brandy.

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  3. Mango Coolers

    An adult version of a delicious fruit smoothie. Just don’t drink ’em too fast: brain freeze!

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  4. Camellia

    Agave nectar (a low-cal sweetener) adds just the right amount of zing to this mellow cocktail.

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  5. Watermelon Cocktail With Scented Rosemary

    Spice up refreshing watermelon with a fragrant burst of rosemary. (If you hate rosemary, well, just leave it out.) Serve in Mason jars for cool summertime style.  

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  6. Tequila Sunrise Punch

    What’s better than a tequila sunrise? Tequila sunrise punch! Think sangria minus wine plus tequila. Brilliant, huh?

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  7. Gin and Sin

    Gin (hugely popular right now) is the star of this simple cocktail: Combine gin, OJ, lemon juice and grenadine. Shake with ice and strain into a glass or enjoy on the rocks.

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  8. Bee’s Knees

    This simple sip is just gin, lemon juice and honey syrup. (Hey, we told you gin is popular!)

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