Kitchen Storage Solutions Under $25

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These clever devices will help you organize dishes, keep food fresh, and fight unwanted take-out menu pile-ups -- all for under $25 a pop.

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  1. Grundtal Wall Organizer Collection

    We love the idea of letting your organized kitchen gear become a stylish display (plus, it makes everything readily reachable). This collection has lots of fun mix-and-match solutions., $3 to $20

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  2. Pepper Pot Take-Out Menu Organizer

    Keep take-out menus from cluttering up your kitchen drawers with this cute binder complete with a handy ordering notepad., $20

    Or, make a homemade dinner with one of our recipes!
  3. Pan Dividers

    This is an essential. Place your baking sheets and pans horizontally instead of stacking them on top of each other; they’ll be easy to grab and won’t make a mess of your cabinets., $4 to $5

    Brighten up your kitchen- for under $100!
  4. Mini Stackable Canister

    These funky neon canisters will bring a serious pop of color to your kitchen. They also stack on top of each other for easy vertical storage., $25 for set of 4

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  5. Kroken Pot Utensil Rack

    A ceiling-mounted pot rack is a great way to show off all that cookware you registered for -- all while saving tons of cabinet space., $25

    Do you have all your kitchen essentials?
  6. Chef’s Planning Kit

    Meal planning is a great way to make sure you’re ready and organized for the week ahead (it’s great if you’re dieting too!). This oh-so-useful kit has everything you need to plan out your meals., $22

    We have all the recipes you need right here!
  7. Chrome Plate Rack

    Don’t stack your plates sky-high! Tuck them neatly on this three-tiered plate rack -- it’ll triple the storage space in your cabinets., $15

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  8. Grocery Bag Holder

    This sleek grocery bag holder will make consolidating all those loose grocery bags a cinch. Plus, it can be mounted just about anywhere -- even inside a cabinet door!, $13

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  9. Bamboo Magnetic Knife Strip

    Instead of opting for a traditional wooden block, clear up some countertop space by keeping your knives on this bamboo magnetic strip., $26 (Oops! Close enough, no?)

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