How to Use Leftover Wine

Red and white wine can be recorked and stored for up to three days. Still have leftovers? Try these eight ideas to keep your vino from going to waste.
  1. Use in a sauce or soup

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    Red wine goes well in tomato sauces, while white wine is a good fit for mushroom or cream sauces. White is also a classic ingredient in some soups, while red has been known to liven up chili.

  2. Pimp your fruit

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    Poach fresh fruit in a mixture of wine (red or white works!), sugar and a few other ingredients. Serve with ice cream for a decadent dessert or with plain yogurt if you're watching your diet.

  3. Get rid of pests

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    If you have a fruit fly problem, put an open wine bottle with a tiny amount of wine left in it next to the fruit bowl. The flies will be attracted to the sugar in the wine -- but they’ll have trouble escaping the bottle. Ha!

  4. Make vinegar

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    After all, vinegar is just wine that’s gone sour. Pour leftover wine into a jar of vinegar (this is your “mother”) and leave it alone, say Aki Kamozawa and H. Alexander Talbot, creators of the blog Ideas in Food. Within a couple of weeks you’ll have an “artisan” vinegar.

  5. Make sangria

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    It’s almost summer! Mix wine of either color with fruit juice, liqueur and a few other ingredients for a delicious sangria.

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  6. Add it to your eggs

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    Yes, that’s right, make a champagne omelet. Store the open bottle of champagne/sparkling wine in the refrigerator overnight, recommends Meagan Simmons of

    When it’s time for brunch the next morning, crack two eggs in a bowl and season them with pinch of salt/pepper. Add a tablespoon of champagne to the eggs and beat them unmercifully for five minutes with a fork. Then make your omelet as usual. Take it up a notch and garnish with fresh thyme or chives and creme fraiche.

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  7. Steam mussels

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    Pour any leftover white wine into a giant pot, bring it to a boil and steam a large serving of mussels, recommends Sarah Simmons, author of “Toast a piece of French bread, and minutes later you’ll have a warm, comforting dinner,” she says.

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  8. Freeze it!

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    “Pour in ice cube trays, freeze it and then use it in sauces later on,” says Sara Moulton, chef and author of Sara Moulton’s Everyday Family Dinners (Simon & Schuster, 2010).