The Secret to Becoming a Renowned Art Collector

max makewell human series 6 art
Photo: Loupe
This visual streaming service lets you enjoy art no matter what your budget.

Newsflash: you can now stream your favorite artists' work on a device of your choice, just like you would music. You heard us right—now you can collect art to your heart's content without ever leaving your home, thanks to Loupe, the the latest in visual art. Whether you can't decide on what you like, or don't have the wall space (or the cash!) to house all of your favorite prints, Loupe Art gives you the perfect way to have it all, right on your screen. But, if you really do love it, there's a simple click-to-buy. Check out why we love this innovative new service below.

What it is: Loupe is the leading art streaming service, featuring new and established contemporary artists. With their “art for all" initiative, now everyone can enjoy art, no matter where you live, whatever your style or even your budget. People are already streaming like crazy—Loupe Art was rated the #1 lifestyle app in over 35 countries.

What you need: All you need to stream Loupe is a computer, mobile device, tablet or Apple TV, thanks to their new app. Plus, it's completely free to stream!

Why it's awesome: Loupe makes art accessible to everyone and everywhere—whether you're entertaining guests or working on your computer, this program not only inspires its viewers, but it can be an instant mood changer: it can excite you, with collections like “Places I Never Been" or calm you, with “Tranquil Impressions". Our favorite feature: sync up Loupe with your Spotify account and create the ultimate visual and auditory experience for you and your guests. After you've fallen in love with Loupe's endless array of pieces, head on over to their shop to purchase from select artists and collections. Before you know it, you'll be a highly successful art collector, never having stepped foot in a gallery.