Get Ashley Tisdale’s Sleek Blowout

Need a hairstyle that's sleek sophisticated and stays perfect on day two? Try a smooth and straight blowout like Tisdale's. We talked to Anna Nuet, a stylist at Gloss and Glam who's worked on film and advertising sets, t oget the deets on how to make this style our own.

Step 1: After washing your hair, take out all the extra moisture with a towel and apply a small amount of smoothing cream in your hair. Make sure you avoid getting it near your roots, which makes your hair look greasy.

Step 2: Blow dry your hair on medium heat until it's almost dry. By using the medium setting you won't overheat your hair, which causes damage and frizz.

Step 3: Now use high heat and a round brush to give yourself a traditional blow out. Separate your hair into sections and use the round brush underneath the hair to shape and dry it.

Step 4: To make sure it's perfectly straight and polished, go over the ends of your with a flat iron. After words, add a little frizz-fighting serum to add shine.

Step 5: Lastly, spritz a soft hold hairspray on the crown of your head to avoid frizz and to keep the style in place.

Step 6: Turn heads everywhere.

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