The Best Marriage Advice From Dads

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Six dads share the marriage advice they have given to their sons and daughters.

Father's Day is just around the corner (you got him a gift already, right?), and we're celebrating by sharing some dads' best marriage advice:

Remember Your Anniversary
“Being married is not just a vow, a commitment, or a declaration. It is a path for two people who love each other to follow throughout all of the changes life brings. Like any path, it will have its twists and turns, and ups and downs, but don't ever forget that it is taken together. Keep moving, and have a wonderful journey. Oh, and Valentine's day and wedding anniversaries are the most important days of the year." – Joe C.

Let Them Know You Care
“Love, I would hope goes without saying, is the backbone of marriage. I would suggest you not just sit back enjoying this awesome feeling of love, as if you are due it. Instead, always be working toward—be in the process of—earning the love or your spouse. Shower her/him with praise. Respect her/his thoughts and opinions. Think of her/him as more important than yourself. Let her/him know how wonderful they are and how much better your life is because she/he is a part of it. In the words of one much better at giving advice, “Tell her about it. Let her know how much you care… Though you may not have done anything, will that be a consolation when she's gone?" – Billy Joel. As a matter of fact, a good bit of closing advice might be to give the entire song a listen about once a week." – Billy H.

Take Lots of Pictures
“I told my daughter three things on her wedding day: Make great memories together, happiness is contagious, and take lots of pictures. It must have been good advice because they just passed their 12th anniversary still going strong!" – Timm B.

Be a Team
“The game of life is very challenging. Marriage is a team sport and every couple will face difficult times. When those times come you have to stop thinking, 'How will I get through this?' and rephrase the question. It should become 'How will we get through this?' If you truly adopt that way of thinking every problem immediately becomes more manageable." – Rick P.

Be a Giver
“Always remember that you can only give love, you cannot take love. Focus on what you can give to your marriage and not on what you can take from it. If you are programmed to receive, you will never be happy, but if you are programmed to give, you can be happy any time you want." – George B.

Respect the In-laws
“All I know is, I found a good woman—and married her daughter! I'm thankful for my mother-in-law and how she has blessed me with a great wife who is also an awesome mom of my four daughters." – Van G.

Put Your Partner First
“First, everything comes down to good communication. Second, if both partners consider the other's needs before their own, it will be an amazing relationship." – Mark B.


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