News Flash: Marriage Bores Women

Are you a desperately bored wife?

First and foremost, did you even know that there was such as thing as the Relational Boredom Scale? Next time Jack goes long on a description of his garage organization plans, I'm going to have to cut him off and say, "Let's chart this conversation on the Relational Boredom Scale, babe." And then I will proceed to show him (with the help of my laser pointer) that the topic ranks almost as high as "out-loud map perusal" on the snooze scale. But I digress…. Back to why we are all here: The scale was part of a study conducted by researcher Beverley Fehr, of the University of Winnipeg in Canada, published in the journal Personal Relationships.* For the study, Fehr lead 88 couples through a series of questions about their relationships and came to some conclusions that might surprise you.

This via Stylecaster: "Contrary to popular belief, women are the ones who get bored in a marriage, not men.... Interestingly enough, the same doesn't go for non-married dating couples. In those instances, unmarried men are the ones who check out of the relationship first."

This via The Daily Mail UK: "'The relationship feels like a chore' was a popular answer."

This via moi: Ugh!

I don't know what to think. On one hand, I think these results indicate that women may have unrealistic expectations of marriage. On the other hand, I don't mean to suggest that they should settle for marriages that feel like a chore. The reality is, sometimes marriage is a chore, and sometimes marriage is boring. Luckily, I can honestly say that my marriage is mostly interesting and not at all chore-like. So, I'm not identifying with these findings.

Help me understand them, would you? What I'm most curious about is the disparity -- why are wives bored while husbands aren't? Break it down for me.

* Annoyingly, there's a membership required to read the full study, which is why I included so many other linkys.