6 New Twists on the Traditional Memorial Day Party

american flag decorations
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Add a few unexpected twists (and a fun game!) to your standard backyard party routine.
  1. Tradition: Classic American Theme

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    Twist: Yes, it's Memorial Day, but that doesn't mean you have to stick to a literal Americana theme. Try incorporating some American pride elements instead. Want to have a southern BBQ? Serve spiked sweet tea with festive drink stirrers. A California picnic? Think avocado and sprouts on a flag tablecloth.

  2. Tradition: Burgers and Dogs on the Grill

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    Twist: Take the guesswork out of what your guests will want to eat by offering a “you bring it, we grill it" option. Unless you're a masochist (or a control freak), a potluck is a great way to let go of some responsibility and also incorporate new foods into the mix. You'll be assured that all your guests are eating what they like, and no one will go home hungry (a plus for anyone on a gluten-free or vegetarian diet!). As the host, you can still supply a few barbecue staples or sides.

  3. Tradition: Casual Plastic Utensils and a Stack of Napkins

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    Twist: Sure, barbecues are meant to be informal. But here's a way to class things up just a bit: These cute paper napkins hold utensils and come pre-folded, so all you have to do is slip in disposable flatware.

    Enjoy your meal silverware napkins, $16 for pack of 50, PlumParty.com

  4. Tradition: Coolers Filled With “Typical” Beers

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    Twist: Get creative by offering craft beers that represent different parts of the country -- like Chicago’s Goose Island, California’s Sierra Nevada or Atlanta’s SweetWater brew. Pack the bottles into a fun tub with ice and “park” it in the party zone.
  5. Traditional: Flag Decor

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    Twist: Skip the traditional bunting this year and hang these balloon lanterns in your trees or on your porch.

    Patriotic balloon lanterns, $13 per dozen, OrientalTrading.com

  6. Tradition: Games Like Horseshoe and Frisbee

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    Twist: Split into two teams. Enlarge the state map (link below), print it out and then cut out each state as puzzle pieces. (You’ll want to print twice so you can get two copies, one for each team.) The first team to correctly assemble the US wins!

    Download a free, National Atlas map