Metro, Metro Men

  1. Metro Man Chris

    Most metro habit: "He's very fond of his 'shaths,' when he plugs up the drain and lies down during his showers. He says it makes his skin soft."
  2. Metro Man Greg

    Most metro habit: "He loves style. He gets so excited in the morning when he's picking out what he should wear."

  3. Metro Man Jared

    Most metro habits: "To keep his hair looking perfect, he must have it trimmed every three weeks. To prevent wrinkles on his face, he uses eye gel every morning. Lastly, his clothes must coordinate down to his shoes."

  4. Metro Man Jeffrey

    Most metro habit: "My husband’s most metro habit is making time for a weekly face mask. His favorite product right now is the Sea Mineral Mud Mask by H2O. He likes it because of how soft and silky-feeling it leaves his face. He also says the aftermath of the mask brightens up his eyes."

  5. Metro Man Joe

    Most metro habits: "He was late for our first date because he was 'doing his eyebrows.' He has more 'products' on his side of the bathroom sink than I do!"

  6. Metro Man Larry

    Most metro habit: "He is the only man I know that has a pair of fingernail clippers in five different places! He is completely compulsive about keeping his nails perfect...sometimes he puts mine to shame!"

  7. Metro Man Paul

    Most metro habit: "Paul, in an instant, can pick apart any outfit and fix the problem instantly. One day he even went into my closet and tossed out my beloved outdated clothing items that I would never have been able to part with on my own...good thing he replaced them with new clothes!

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