In Living Style: Modern Goes Mexican

We’re combining two of our favorite things and mixing midcentury décor with Mexican flair. When the sleek lines of modern design meet with the bright colors and vibrant fabrics traditionally used in Mexican-heritage pieces, the blend creates a fun take on the contemporary home. Take a look at these 15 pieces that will send your abode to a very chic “south of the border.”
  1. Dreamy Weaver

    Photo by Eric Trine
    This super sleek and chic chair mixes woven leather and light-reflecting copper rods for a powerful design duo. Use as an accent chair in your home office for that too-cool California-desert touch (we're not responsible for the jealousy your friends will feel). 

    SHOP NOW: Rod+Weave Chair, $1,950,
  2. Wonder Wall (Hanging)

    Photo by shopMINNA/Etsy
    Remember those kitschy pieces of macrame wall art that your grandmother had hanging around? Guess what?Those wall hangings have made a comeback in a major way. Infuse your home with a chill retro vibe by displaying this handwoven one that pops with contemporary color. 

    SHOP NOW: The Same But Different Weaving, $179, shopMINNA,
  3. Rock Candy

    Photo by Lorena Gaxiola
    Using vibrant colors and energizing hues, Mexico-born interior designer Lorena Gaxiola has given her gorgeous glasses a bit of a New Age-y quality that will definitely stand out at your next fiesta. 

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  4. Cagey (in a Good Way)

    Photo by Urban Outfitters
    This pastel-hued stool will add a modern edge to your living room. Turn it into a side table by topping it off with a round piece of glass when extra surface space is required. 

    SHOP NOW: Wire Burst Stool, $98, Plum & Bow,
  5. Ranch Dressing

    Photo by
    One of the hottest trends for the year, a touch of cowhide will give your home that vaquero feel, so you can kick up your boots -- cowboy or Choo -- and relax after a long, hard day of work.

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  6. Turn Me On

    Photo by Rejuvenation
    Safe for a gluten-free diet, this handblown, wheat-hued glass table lamp will make a delicious addition to a family room seeking a natural and beautifully muted accent.

    SHOP NOW: Wheat Flare Table Lamp, $610, Blenko,
  7. Swing Low

    Photo by Etsy
    Turn your living space into a miniature version of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon with this bright-turquoise woven plant hanger that will hold your favorite fern at eye level.

    SHOP NOW: Macrame Plant Hanger, $135,
  8. Well Stacked

    Photo by Beam
    Suited for a kitchen lacking storage space, these porcelain stacking bowls, formed in four different totems, will be a welcome addition to your countertop. 

    SHOP NOW: Totem Bowls, $79,
  9. Take a Seat

    Photo by Serena & Lily
    Taking shape from a traditional campaign stool, this saddle-shaded Italian-leather and wood version is given a modern spin, making it a prime candidate for your favorite room. 

    SHOP NOW: Cooper Leather Stool, $795,
  10. Mind Your Melons

    Photo by Need Supply Co.
    Cast to represent a horned melon, this cement planter is a playful container to use when adding greenery to your space.

    SHOP NOW: Horned Melon Fruit Planter, $22, Chen Chen & Kai Williams,
  11. Aqua-Lung Anthem

    Photo by JoyBird
    Get ready for your long days of lounging and listening to your favorite tunes in style. This durable midcentury-inspired sofa is available in shades like Lucky Turquoise and Cordova Picante to add that desired pop of color to your living space. 

    SHOP NOW: Franklin Sofa, $1,399,
  12. Basket Case

    Photo by
    Made of sisal and sweet grass, this bright-orange and ivory woven basket is crafted by rural Rwandan artisans and certified fair trade. Place it on your kitchen table for a lively fruit bowl.

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  13. Blue Lagoon

    Photo by CB2
    Soothe your dinner guests by serving them with handmade porcelain bowls and plates glazed in watercolor-like shades of blue. 

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  14. Pot Luck

    Photo by IKEA
    If your not-so-green thumb tends to turn your plants a shriveled brown, try tending hearty succulents, which are (almost) guaranteed to stay alive.

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  15. Ballot for Buffet

    Photo by Viyet
    Vote a vintage piece like into your home for extra storage (think media or, better yet, a bar!) that will take your space back a few decades. 

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