This 352-Square-Foot Home Is a Tech-Lover’s Dream

kasita micro-home living room
Photo: Kasita
This minimalist home is outfitted with all the latest smart-home technology.

If you've always dreamed of living in a tiny home just like the ones on HGTV's Tiny House Hunters, then you might be in luck: Kasita, a startup company in Austin, Texas, is creating a 352-square-foot micro home that's outfitted with all the latest tech. Calling it the “iPhone for housing," this space is filled with the newest voice-activated tech that's controllable from their app, so you can program your home to fit your mood and activities. Ask your home to dim the lights and raise the flat screen TV from hidden walls for a romantic movie night or raise the indoor temperature on chilly mornings. The micro-homes have over 60 smart devices that are programmed to “talk to each other" that span from small things like lighting and overhead fans to home security and shower tech that can help save water consumption. Kasita founder Jeff Wilson, who spent a year testing the limits of habitable space by living in a 33 square-foot dumpster, says that the smart devices, if bought separately, would add up to over $20,000 not including the time spent programming them under one system. The micro-homes, however, cost only $139,000 with everything already programmed.

Kasita home living room

The Kasita home, which takes only eight weeks to build, isn't designed to be taken on the road or in remote locations. The units are considered permanent structures once installed and can be stacked to make a series of micro-apartment towers in dense, urban cities like Brooklyn or San Francisco or converted into commercial space for small shops and restaurants. Kasita and local governments are working together to try to use Kasita homes as a solution for the affordable housing crisis, and earlier this year, the company opened a manufacturing facility in East Austin to build the homes.

If you can't wait to settle into a Kasita home, you can take a 360 degree tour using VR technology on the Kasita website.