Simple Tricks to Setting a Modern Easter Table

gold and white table setting
Lauren Kelp shows us how to set a modern Easter table for a chic holiday brunch.

Easter is a celebration of all things new, so when it comes to setting a table, I like to mix the design up. While I definitely take a page out of my mother's book and set the table with various pastel tones, I like to update it with modern elements—think: metallic and retro prints amidst the bountiful floral arrangements.


First thing's first, work your way up the details ladder. Decide where the event will be held (we chose outside because of the gorgeous spring whether) and go from there.


When picking linen, go with something that makes you happy. This robin's egg blue reminds me of Easter's growing up at my parent's house, so I love using it when I entertain. Skip the traditional white tablecloth and opt for a bit of color. Go crazy and throw on some hot pink or metallic if you've got it!


When selecting napkins, find something you like that may not match but works in the general table scheme. See how the sunbursts work with the plates and silverware because of their color? And how the pattern is similar to the stemware? Complementary, not match-matchy means you'll create a more dynamic table.


Remember all that china you got for your wedding? Bring it out! What's the point of china if you are never going to use it? We went with a slightly more modern pattern with gold piping around the edges. Tip: spice up your settings with volume like a wreath of olive branches underneath instead of a traditional charger plate.


Next, add some funky stemware, sprinkle in some festive votives and add a little something personal to each plate. Tying the flatware together in a luscious pink bow means that each of my table guests gets to unwrap them and who doesn't love that? Throw in a spare sprig on the plate and it now becomes a bit more thoughtful.


Copper accents add a sincere modern touch.


There's no faster way to create an atmosphere then with candles. Go low with votives and try useing vintage juice glasses or some cheap finds to tie a color palette together or give the table more pop!


My top recommendation for a festive Easter table: go all out on a floral arrangement! Keep it low, but pack it full of color and opt for a fun vase. Try a Revere bowl or a vintage store find—just have a little fun with it.


All in all, have fun with it! Remember, it's spring so bring on the color. Happy Easter!


Photos by Constance Higley // Styling by Lauren Kelp


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