I Wish I Lived Here: The 'Modern Family' Houses

modern family cast and houses
Photo: ABC

Sure, I tune in to ABC's sitcom Modern Family because it's hilarious, but I have another reason to watch: I'm in love with the interiors. Hell, even the exteriors are gorgeous! As you can see from the above photos (scored on I Am Not a Stalker), there's a house to suit every style. Family patriarch Jay lives in a cutting-edge modern pad (top right), his son Jay and his partner Cameron live in an ivy-clad Spanish with their daughter Lily (left), while Jay's daughter Claire lives in the quaint traditional with her goofy husband Phil and their three children (bottom right). Each family's residence suits their collective personalities on the inside, too. Just take a gander at these living rooms for proof:

Claire and Phil's house (left) has bright-blue walls that highlight the great framed photos ascending the staircase and coordinate with the striped pillows on the couch. Cameron and Mitchell's living room (top right) is a soft seashell green and accented with fiery red paintings and bookcases. Jay and Gloria's modern living (bottom right) features super-cool glass and wood shelves (I love the horn accessory).

What I like most about the houses on Modern Family is -- even though they're aspirational, they still feel attainable. Unlike the houses you see in, say, Nancy Meyers movies (I'm talking to you, Meryl Streep's flawless house in It's Complicated!). In other words, the Modern Family houses are well put together, but still look like places where real people actually live.

Which one is your favorite? Share in the comments!