Molding 101

Bye-bye plain, boring walls. Say hello to instant architecture with a helluva punch.

How To Do It

Plan for Panels: Measure the length and width of your wall to determine how many panels you'll need. Order precut strips (find them at

Prep the Molding: Paint molding strips and set aside. Give 'em at least two coats. (We used Benjamin Moore's White Dove.)

Prime the Wall: With a pencil, draw lines on the wall where molding will go. Double-check that marks are even using a laser level. (Strips shouldn't go past these lines.)

Apply Molding: Start with a long, exterior side. Press adhesive on the back center of the molding strip. Secure with nails. (Hammer nails into the thickest part of the strip first.)

Finish Up: Fill nail holes and gaps with spackle and lightly sand for a smooth finish. Touch up with a little paint if needed.

What You'll Need
tape measure
molding strips n paint
laser level