We Like to Watch: 10 Music Flicks That Paved the Way for Rock of Ages

Photo: fanpop.com

If you're anything like us, you plan on waiting in line for Rock of Ages this weekend solely to see Tom Cruise in eyeliner. Well, that and you love any movie that combines a great soundtrack along with an equally compelling story line.

In preparation for the movie's release this Friday, we've compiled our top ten music-centric film picks that paved the way for Rock of Ages. Rock 'n' roll will never die! At least not in cinema.

  1. Dirty Dancing

    dirty dancing, rock of ages
    Photo by Photo: Hollywood.com
    How could you not enjoy a movie that combines Patrick Swayze, forbidden love and an unforgettable dance lift? Don’t forget the soundtrack—I can’t hear ‘The Time of My Life’ without getting the incredible urge to take a running leap into the arms of whoever happens to be around.
  2. Almost Famous

    almost famous, rock of ages
    Photo by Photo: Miller Brooks Wordpress
    A classic that made us want the soundtrack almost as badly as we wanted Penny Lane’s wardrobe. But we doubt we could rock a faux-fur collar as well as Kate Hudson did.
  3. That Thing You Do!

    that thing you do, rock of ages
    Photo by Photo: All Movie
    A tale of the fictitious band called The Wonders, we love this Tom Hanks film for letting us revisit the pop music marvels of the sixties.
  4. Save The Last Dance

    save the last dance, rock of ages
    Photo by Photo: List Al
    Yet another ballet inspired movie, except with an urban twist. This popular film is a triple threat intertwining a love story, dance and music.
  5. This Is Spinal Tap

    this is spinal tap, rock of ages
    Photo by Photo: Movie Goods
    Although the title choice didn’t make us want to rush out to theatres, this hilarious cult classic about a British heavy metal band is both a mock “rock”umentary and a must-see.
  6. The Rocky Horror Picture Show

    the rocky horror picture show, rock of ages
    Photo by Photo: Green Galactic
    With characters like Dr. Frank-N-Furter and a cast of dancing Transylvanians, what's not to like? It may sound a bit off-putting, but trust us--it's a must see.
  7. Grease

    grease, rock of ages
    Photo by Photo: Movie Goods
    Chances are you’ll recognize the soundtrack even if you haven’t had a chance to sit down and watch the actual movie. Even reading this will guarantee you'll have ‘You’re The One That I Want’ stuck in your head for the remainder of the day.
  8. Footloose

    footloose, rock of ages
    Photo by Photo: The Reel Bits
    Dancer-turned-actress (and Rock of Ages Star) Julianne Hough knows where her talents lie since she recently starred in a remake of this 80’s film. As with any sequel, however, we enjoyed the original Kevin Bacon version best.
  9. Flashdance

    flashdance, rock of ages
    Photo by Photo: MoviePoster.com
    Is it possible not to hear 'Maniac' without instinctively breaking out your best Jennifer Beal-esque moves?
  10. Center Stage

    center stage, rock of ages
    Photo by Photo: Poster Planet
    Center Stage successfully trashed our childhood dreams of becoming ballet dancers by proving that tutus aren’t all fun and games. Think Black Swan, with a relatable cast and better dance moves.